Of course it matters (Calum Hood)


Requested : Yes

Hi hi hi I LOVE your blog, you are an amazing writer, truly just fantastic. Your smut like HOLY CRAP it’s amazing. I was wondering if you could do a calum smut where it’s the cliché best friends who secretly love each other but then when they FINALLY admit it to each other they kiss and it gets heated and blah blah blah you know? Please!! And keep doing whatever you are doing bc your writing is some of the best, if not THE best ice read on tumblr.

Rating : R

Word count : 1 461

Story line : You and Calum finally admits you have feelings for each other 

You were on the sofa at Calum’s flat, flipping through the channels as he was in the kitchen trying to find something you two could eat. “(Y/N), do you know how to cook pasta?” he asked after a few minutes and you rolled your eyes; “sure” you answered, getting up to join him in the narrow space. “Look; I’ve got those ones full of color, how cute are they?” he pouted, waving a bag of Italian pasta in front of your face. You took it from his hands and turned it around, reading the back; “They literally tell you what to do it step by step, Calum you don’t need me for that” you stated before shoving the bag back in his hands and turning around. You were pulled back by his two muscular arms wrapping around your waist and bringing your back to his chest. “But it always tastes better when you cook” he pleaded, turning you around in his arms so you were facing him.

You had to remind yourself how to breath as you stood this close to the boy you had feelings for, the boy who was supposed to only be your best friend. “Or you’re too lazy and think that you’re going to convince me with a bunch of crappy compliments” you answered once your heart had calmed down a bit. “Yeah that too” he smirked and parted his lips before slipping the tip of his tongue between them. You took the pasta again and started reading the instructions, following them carefully as Calum stood behind you, warily watching your every move.

Once you were done, you set them in two plates on the counter and turned around to face Calum again; “Ta-dah” you announced with a huge smile; “See I wasn’t lying; you’re actually a good cook, these looks so good” he said and you should’ve just said ‘thanks Calum’ … but you didn’t. You were watching his lips the whole time, the way they curled up slightly at the end, the way he parted them to speak and made them touch again between each words… Before you could even proceed what was happening, you found yourself leaning in and you quickly pecked them before withdrawing. You immediately covered your mouth with both hands as your eyes widened; “Calum, I’m sorry, I don’t know what took over me, I don’t know why I did that, I … I need to go” you muttered, grabbing your phone and trying to get away from the small space.

"No, no, wait!" he called, putting his arm on your way so that you couldn’t escape, before wrapping it around you once more and bringing you back to your previous spot. "What was that?" he asked, his eyes still wide as he brought his other arm around you too. "Nothing Calum, it doesn’t matter, please-" you answered panicked, your brain working on full speed to try and find a good excuse. "Of course it does, please tell me why you kissed me, it’s important" he interrupted and you knew you couldn’t lie and hide anymore. You sighed and took a deep breath before opening your mouth; "Isn’t it obvious, Calum? I’ve had feelings for you for the longest time… I mean, I’m in love with you; I’m in love with my best friend, how fucked up is that?" you let out, finally letting go of that big secret you’d been keeping for too long. "Totally fucked up" he answered, a smirk on his lips as he leaned in and forcefully pressed his mouth on yours; "I know that ‘cause I’m in love with my best friend too… I love you, (Y/N)" he confessed after pulling away.

It took you a few seconds to understand what he had just say; you then grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him again, passion and lust traveling fast in your veins. He backed you up against the counter, pressing his body into yours as the kiss became needy; his hands slipping from your waist to your bum, squeezing it gently. “Fuck, finally” he grunted against your lips as he brought both his hands on the back of your thighs and lifted you up on the big counter in the kitchen. “It’s okay, right? You’re not going to regret it?” he asked, pulling away for a second. His pupils were dilated and desire seemed to be burning into his eyes; “I won’t, don’t make me wait any longer please” you pleaded; “Hmm I’d like to tease the hell out of you but I just need you right now” he let out, his hands finding the hem of your top as he hurriedly pulled it over your head. He then unclasped your bra expertly and buried his face in-between your breasts before placing sloppy kisses all over them; he then wrapped his mouth around your left nipple, sucking harshly on it as you arched your back into him.

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